an elusive concept

M. Bavarov ~2nd documentation on

In the vast and indifferent world, the phenomenon of time runs tirelessly without routine or certainty. Hot and unseen, it gently carries us across its unfathomable depths. Within this timeless expanse, creatures roam with souls deeply intertwined with history. They are not mere flints but convincing masses, confidently playing their roles as gods or passionate beings. Amidst this cosmic dance, they may find solace in a garden without boundaries where everything is possible. In this surreal realm, i question the direction of governments and ponder abstract notions detached from earthly constraints. Like ghosts speaking through time's gentle whispers, belonging becomes an elusive concept. Yet amidst it all remains a sense of peace and joy that defies explanation - a peaceful harmony to be embraced by those who care to seek it out.
The fleeting clouds give way to graceful ostriches; sculptors mold existence into harmonious forms; every tree holds secrets waiting to be discovered. I yearned to explore a place that held a unique blend of cultures, untouched by modern influences. It is intriguing to think about the origins and history of this African city that i am drawn to. Despite the challenges faced in the 19th century, it still carries an air of mystery and wonder. As my attention shifts towards planning my visit, images of bustling markets filled with charming goods come to mind. The warmth and hospitality from locals make me feel at ease, like being surrounded by family. Each moment presents an opportunity for new discoveries in this vibrant yet chaotic environment. i witness nature's harmonious beauty as i gaze at a peaceful tree, completely engrossed in its timeless existence.  


 Tranquility around me  

Details: from droplets of perspiration on leaves to fleeting moments when everything aligns perfectly.

In this serene setting, time seems to stand still and worries melt away. A feeling of peace, silence reigns supreme and distractions fade into insignificance. Is with each passing second that my reverence for this breeze deepens further and this scenario unfolds before my eyes:


 of chaos,
bringing forth a profound understanding

one that recognizes how insignificant we are compared to the grand tapestry of life unfolding around us. In this perspective lies wisdom; it whispers gentle reminders about humility and detachment from earthly tensions. As sunlight filters through lush olive trees and vibrant flowers sway gently in unison with nature's rhythm, an overwhelming appreciation envelops my being. The peaceful realm of the cassowaries reigns on this particular planet, where everything is exquisitely green and nothing seems to matter. It's as if time stands still and memories fade away into insignificance amidst the constant annoyance of mosquitoes buzzing in our ears. The colors overhead resemble a beautiful painting, while curtains and doors provide comfort and seclusion from the outside world.  
Today, we find solace in forgetting, only for history to repeat itself once again with an ironic twist. As nightfall approaches, the familiar sound of crying mosquitoes fills the air, shifting our focus entirely. In these moments, certain concepts become hidden within shadows - unseen yet observed through visual cues that almost mimic those pesky insects themselves. It's just another reminder that paradise can be found when we take a moment to appreciate nature's wonders without any ulterior motives or expectations lingering in our minds. The human population is deeply affected by various infections, making it difficult to comprehend the extent of their impact. Sometimes, we long for moments of solace and joy amidst the unknown. In this place where communication happens silently, like stars falling from a strong intention and echoes echoing without a trace, something miraculous can be found. Amidst all this, there exists an invisible species called AIDS that interacts with us on multiple levels – damp embraces intertwine between Louis's feet in mud-covered shelters devoid of warmth or belonging.
Time passes quietly as viruses spread through leaves falling gently into the soil, reproducing spontaneously galaxybuds emerging in a new era beyond our perception. As midnight approaches and birds find refuge among countless trees, resilience takes center stage while cottages made of twine echo my presence - a reflection signaling both entry and exit from existence itself.


their pupils mirroring buds of olive tree                                                                                                                     (i enjoy them)

the sun is hot - they shelter me by making me a shadow. i sense their fear - they try to smile - they have hair that continuously
shift color    

two are dressing me - one of them speaks but I pay no attention - I look for users478 but I can't...                                        i can’t