LAPO SORRIDE (he/they) is an interdisciplinary artist, fragmented and polyphonic creature. Focusing on sustainable practices they creates immersive environments and portal-like objects. These are usually made of rug, clay, dirt, branches and wax, smells and stitching techniques as well as printed digital landscapes and granular surfaces implemented with sound manipulations. Lapo is also a digital surfer interested in the potentiality of rabbit-holes and community building within the realm of the dark web.

They investigate re-enchantment strategies to facilitate collective healing, embracing a neo-materialist approach and prioritizing post-human figurations over traditional forms of representation. 
In these projects life is embedded, activated throug practices grounded in the everyday experience of surfing into unconventional (illegal?) networks, language modification and behaviour questioning and all that actions which means is to abolish the patriarchal system and gardening alternative realities.

webdesign Lapo Sorride